Geisert & Ihssen et al. Modular flip-chip architecture for generalized flux qubits, APS March Meeting talk,

Modular Quantum Processor: We aim to develop a framework for circuit quantum electrodynamics using a flip-chip architecture in which we implement the readout, coupling and flux control of generalized flux qubits in a fully modular manner, so that circuits serving different tasks within the system can be prepared and exchanged individually. This creates optimal conditions for developing and testing innovative coupling schemes for all types of flux qubits. Furthermore, we want to explore the effects of having fully separated qubits on distinct chips by studying the differences to more conventional on-chip architectures, e.g. in terms of correlated qubit errors and gate fidelities.

HQS Quantum Simulations

- Noise Mapper, Keith R. Fratus, Kirsten Bark, Nicolas Vogt, Juha Leppäkangas, Jesse A. Vaitkus, Pascal Stadler, Sebastian Zanker, Michael Marthaler, Jan-Michael Reiner, 2022, arXiv:2210.11371, arXiv:2210.12138, arXiv:2311.00135

- Factorization solver, Keith R. Fratus, Jesse A. Vaitkus, Sebastian Zanker, Michael Marthaler, Jan-Michael Reiner, 2023.

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech

Computing qubit allocations using a quantum annealer (Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech): WO 2023/180483, PCT application PCT/EP2023/057559

Priority date: 23 March 2022. Publication date: 28 September 2023. Inventor: Ana Palacios de Luis

Delft Circuits

- Flexible superconducting RF cabling, 2021.

- Superconducting film deposition on a flexible polyimide substrate, 2021.

- Metal encapsulation of superconducting films, 2021.

- Planer press interface for connectors, 2021.

- High-density stripline interconnect, 2022.