Scientific Advisory Board

The SAB consists of external relevant figures in the fields of QA and quantum computing that will contribute their expertise to support AVaQus in attaining its goals. SAB members include European, Asian and American scientists from academia and industry, providing a global perspective. The list may be extended as the project develops. Their role is to provide constructive criticism on the project development and the scientific direction, and strategic support in periodic consortium meetings.

The SAB consists of the following advisors:

§ Daniel Lidar (University of Southern California): Expert on the theory of QA. Leader of the IARPA-funded Quantum Enhanced Optimization (QEO) consortium to build a CQA.

§ William D. Oliver (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Leader of the experimental flux qubit quantum computing and quantum annealing group. Main experimentalist team in QEO.

§ Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (NEC, Japan): Main experimentalist in government-funded project to build quantum annealers with superconducting cavities.

§ Frank K. Wilhelm (Saarland University): Expert in quantum annealing theory and quantum simulation. Coordinator of Quantum Flagship-funded project OpenSuperQ. Partner of QEO.

§ Barbara Terhal (QuTech Delft): Expert in quantum information and non-stoquastic physics.

§ Stefan Filipp (Walher-Meißner Institute Germany): previous lead scientist at IBM Research where he led a laboratory on quantum computation with superconducting devices for quantum simulation using digital algorithms, recently appointed director of the Walther Meissner Institute, in Munich, Germany and full professor in Physics at the TU Munich.

§ Florian Neukart (Terra Quantum): Lead scientist in VW quantum information team who is experienced running commercial quantum annealers to study industrial applications.

§ Arkady Fedorov (Associate Professor and Australian Research Council Future Fellow, The University of Queensland): lead scientist on transmons flux qubits.