DELFT Circuits

Sal Jua Bosman

Dr. Sal Bosman (chief designer) is originally trained as design engineer (BSc.) and has conducted projects for various multi-nationals. Subsequently he became co-founder and system architect of a hightech SME on wireless sensor networks for mobility applications. Followed by a study in Physics (BSc.), theoretical Physics (MSc. cum laude) and conducted a PhD on superconducting circuits and quantum computing in Delft (expected 2018). During his PhD Sal founded Delft Circuits as the first quantum startup in Delft, focused on supplying technologies for quantum computing.

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Jakob Kammhuber

As CTO Jakob Kammhuber lead the R&D efforts at Delft Circuits. Jakob holds a MSc in Physics from ETH Zurich and obtained a PhD at Qutech in Delft, the Netherlands where he worked on cryogenic transport measurements, Nanofabrication and hybrid cQED architectures.

You can also find Jakob on: LinkedIn

Daniël Bouman

Daniël Bouman is an R&D engineer and works on developing and improving products and production processes at Delft Circuits. His main expertise’s are superconducting materials, cryogenics and nano fabrication. Daniël obtained did his PhD in condensed matter physics at QuTech.

You can also find Daniël on: LinkedIn